Diagnostic and Treatment

State-of-the-art acute and reconstructive orthopaedic treatment to promote quick recovery.

Orthopaedic Specialists has diagnostic technology that allows for an accurate and quick assesment of orthopaedic injuries and disorders. Diagnostic tests include:

  • Arthrogram – is a procedure during which dye and air is injected into the damaged joint, such as the hip, ankle, elbow, etc. The joint is exercised to move the dye around, and X-rays are taken to examine the highlighted/damaged areas of the joint.
  • Myelogram – is similar to an arthrogram except the dye is injected into the spinal canal.
  • Nuclear Medicine Bone Scan – is a safe diagnostic procedure that involves an intraveneuos injection of a radioactive substance that accumulates in the bone to detect diseases and conditions.
    The accumulation process takes three to four hours. A full body scan, from head to foot, is approximately 30-60 minutes long.
  • Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan – takes detailed cross-sectional images of the body that are used to identify specific conditions, such as lumbar disc hernation or bone fractures.
  • MRI Scan – exposes the body to electromagnetic radiation that can detect, process and convert images of the body’s soft tissue, such as the brain or spinal cord, into computer images.