Patient Resources

Patient Care Management

Patient Calls
Most incoming calls are handled by our office staff, permitting the physicians to care for patients with minimal interruptions. If a call is urgent, the physician may wish to speak to the patient immediately.

Once a treatment plan has begun, we may request that our patients call our office for test results or for follow-up; these telephone consultations save patients time and/or expense. But if their condition changes, or a new symptom develops, we may request that they contact their primary care physician, or come in for further evaluation.

We suggest patients give us 24 hours to refill any prescription they may need – this time period is recommended so that we may access their medical records and the prescription guidelines that are recommended by their managed care plan.

Patient Concerns & Complaints
Orthopaedic Specialists acknowledges that complaining is one of several ways in which patients and their relatives can make their views known to us. Complaints also give us the opportunity of improving services where necessary.

On an ongoing basis, patient satisfaction surveys are distributed to our patients in order to continually monitor the needs and concerns of our patients. These surveys allow us the opportunity to make changes when necessary to our office policies.