Office Policy

Medical Records Request
Here at Orthopaedic Specialists, we pride ourselves in being a paperless office. Our ability to expedite your requests for medical records is simplified due to the advances in our practice management system. All patient visit records and are kept in our practice management system eliminating the need to search and copy a patient’s chart. The records can be faxed directly to the requestor from our system.

Physician generated work slips are also created and kept in our practice management system documenting the applicable restrictions for each of our patients. This assists managed care organizations in receiving all necessary paperwork in a concise and timely manner.

Medical Records Release
You have a right to the information in your medical record. But remember, since we own the chart and the x-rays — the physical objects, that is — we have a responsibility to protect the record from being lost. So we will not release the original records. Copies are perfectly adequate for any conceivable use.

It is widely accepted to charge a nominal fee for copies, and we do. Your small record may not seem like much to you, but remember we have many people every day call for copies and often the record is large.

This can be expensive — especially with x-rays. X-ray film is expensive, and it consumes darkroom chemicals to copy the films, as well as the technicians time. So we charge $10.00 per copy for x-rays.

Please allow three to five working day notice before you need to pick up the copies.
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